Update: Three People Taken to Hospital After Multiple-Vehicle Accident in Danville

Picture from Leonard Harville

Update 4 p.m.:

Danville, VA - Seven cars were involved in two separate accidents in Danville Thursday. Three people were taken to the hospital after a chain reaction crash.

Police say James Milton Arthur is charged with following too closely after hitting the back of another car and causing that car to hit another.

All the injuries are non-life threatening.

Another similar accident happened just before.

Adam Grey Prevette was charged with following too closely after hitting a car that had come to a stop in front of him.


Danville, VA - Danville police and fire crews are on the scene of a multiple-vehicle accident on Central Boulevard in Danville Thursday afternoon.

According to a viewer who was at the scene, about 8 vehicles were involved in the collision.

Traffic is blocked from Broad Street to the Memorial Drive exit in the northbound lanes.

The Danville Lifesaving Crew is transporting individuals for treatment and to be checked out.

Updates to come.