May is "Paint Up, Clean Up, Fix Up" Month in Danville

Danville, VA - The City of Danville is working to clean up blight before it starts.

That's the mission of a program called "Make Danville Shine" sponsored by public works and the office of community development.

The mayor has declared May "Clean up, Fix up, Paint up" month, and this program kicks off on May 4th.

Now, homeowners can get help with beautifying their homes as a first step toward beautifying the city.

Danville officials have taken a stand against blight.

This program will help homeowners prevent it.

"We want to make property owners aware if they have problems in the beginning so they can catch them, to take pride in their properties, take pride in their neighborhoods and in the city as a whole, " said Emily Scolpini.

The program used to exist and eventually was phased out.

Scolpini says they're bringing it back to keep blight from having a negative effect on property values and the livelihood of residents.

"It could be something as small as your paint chipping, if you have a roof leak, brush around your house. Things like that could potentially lead to problems, as well, " Scolpini said.

And folks seem to agree that it's time for a change.

"It ties pretty closely into real estate values and things like that. Anything that Danville can do to up its value is a good thing, " said one local resident.

Using an online form, anyone can complete a project request for their home, a neighbor's, or a local eyesore.

Local companies have donated supplies and money. Scolpini says the response has been positive, but what they really need now are volunteers.

"We hope to have volunteers to be able to go out and do these projects to help people in the community stop problems before they become large problems, " Scolpini said.

The last day to submit a project request form is April 19th.

To make a donation, become a volunteer or request a project, go to

Also, forms can be picked up at the Danville Office of Community Development.