Danville Cooking Show to Encourage Healthy Living

Danville, VA - Danville is about to get things cooking with a new set of online videos. Get Fit Dan River Region is starting a whole series of cooking classes while showing off the Southside.

Get Fit Dan River Region won a contest earlier this year for their version of the song Call Me Maybe. That video did so well, they wanted to make more videos to encourage healthy behavior.

"This is a great way to mainstream our message and try to reach a much larger group of people," said Program Director Stephanie Ferrugia.

Ferrugia hosts "What's Cooking on the Dan," a series of cooking classes with a Danville twist.

"We're trying to show people if they make small changes in their recipes they can have a healthier dish. And how to live healthy, how to move healthy, and kind of highlight what is going on around here," said Ferrugia.

These lessons don't stop in the kitchen. With episodes lasting about 20 minutes, they also have a hint of exercise and taste of local organizations.

"In order to eat healthy, you have to balance it out. You also have to move you body," said Ciji Moore, education and outreach coordinator.

Representing Big Brothers, Big Sisters, John Gilstrap cooks up healthy cookies in episode two.

"This is a promotion of Danville. And hopefully changing the attitude about Danville," said Gilstrap.

Overall, they hope the class will lead to some changes.

"Make it simple. Make a meal for your family. Try to get a little bit healthier one step at a time, one small change at a time, that's what it's all about," said Ferrugia.

So far, they have only shot two episodes, but they plan to do several more next year. The first one will be online tomorrow.

You can watch Get Fit videos here.

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