Danville Community Raising Money for Local Hero

Ringgold, VA - Steven Cosner from Sutherlin put his life in danger to try and save two children from a burning house back in March.

Cosner and a co-worker were just passing by when it all happened. Unfortunately, the children died in the fire.

While trying to get the children out of the blaze, Cosner was injured and hospitalized for a few days.

The Danville community is now coming to his rescue, helping raise money to pay off Cosner's medical bills.

"We seen smoke coming out from the house and decided to stop to see if we could help anybody," Cosner said.

Cosner learned that a 1-year old and 4-year old were still in the burning house.

" Your gut hits rock bottom and you're like 'no!' Then we decided to start looking, hollering for the babies through the bedroom window and never did hear anything. You couldn't see 6 inches in the room, it was so hot and black smoke rolling, and the wind just blew right," Cosner explained.

Cosner spotted the bed the children were on. He jumped into the house and pulled the bed as close to window as he could.

"I grabbed covers and hopefully, it was one of the babies come without the covers, but it didn't end up happening that way," Cosner said. "I think about it every day. I've got a tattoo to remind me of it every day."

After being in the hospitalized for a week, Kentuck Baptist Church decided to help out. They put together a barbecue fundraiser to help Cosner pay for his medical bills.

"I think that's a very good thing for him to do. That's not something a lot of people would have done," said fundraiser organizer Larry Bass.

"He's sweet but he's one of those people that don't want to show it out in the open," said Cosner's wife, Ashley.

"Do you see yourself as a hero? No, But everyone's calling you a hero. I know everybody is calling me a hero. But I ended up not saving anyone and it hurts me the story doesn't come out to be good," Cosner said.

Cosner says he and his wife are in close contact with family whose children died.

The barbecue fundraiser started at 5 p.m. and will go until 8 Saturday Night at the Kentuck Ministry Center in Ringgold.