Danville Community College Certification Course is One of a Kind

Danville, VA - Danville Community College offered a course for e-bike technicians and teachers.

The Light Electric Vehicle Certification course was six months in the making, and it is the only one of its kind offered in the country.

Many of the participants were e-bike enthusiasts and shop owners who wanted to gain the skills to become experts in the field, and many traveled long distances to take advantage of the course.

"This is the first one that we've had available to the community, and we've actually gotten people from around the country to come to it, " said Jerry Franklin, Dir. of Manufacturing & Tech Services at DCC

"I came all the way from Hamilton, Ontario to take the certification course. It's actually bringing the electric bike industry specifically to a whole 'nother level, " said Michael Pasquali, owner of Electric Avenue E-Bikes in Canada.

Other participants came from Chicago, Florida and right here in our area to take part in the course.