Danville City Employee Saves Man From Fire

Danville, VA - A city employee spotted a house fire Friday morning while driving to work, and quickly took action.

Ken Gillie didn't even know the man he pulled from his smoke-filled home, but many say without him, that man may not be around today.

With fire trucks in the background, emergency crews helped Doug Anderson recover after his house caught fire. Before the crews even got to the scene Friday, though, Anderson credits another city worker with saving his life.

"It makes me feel good you know that there are still good people out there that are willing to put themselves on the line every day for others," said Anderson.
Danville's city planner, Ken Gillie, was driving his motorcycle to work when he saw something out of the ordinary.
"I noticed the smoke coming from the roof of the structure and this time of year there shouldn't be smoke coming from the roof," said Gillie.
Without knowing if anyone was inside, Gillie flagged down a neighbor and got to the house.
"Got off the motorcycle, ran over, started beating on the door, yelling 'hey your house is on fire," explained Gillie.
"I was asleep in bed and all of a sudden I hear banging on my window, on my front door and a lot of commotion outside. It woke me out of my sleep," said Anderson.
As the neighbor called 9-1-1, they realized someone was inside.
"The only thing that was going through my mind was lets try to get him out of here," said neighbor Ronnie Dickerson.
Anderson barely opened the front door and passed out.
"We drug and pulled and walked him out," said Gillie.
When crews got to the scene, they put out the fire and hooked Anderson up to oxygen, but Gillie left before he could receive any credit or thanks.
"I want him to know how grateful I am that he put himself on the line of harm to awaken me and to save my life," said Anderson.
Many now consider Gillie a hero, but he says he hopes anyone would do the same thing.
Anderson says his house sustained a lot of damage, but he will be okay.
Meanwhile, the one thing Gillie wants everyone to take away from this is to always stop and help if you can during an emergency.