Danville City Council To Address Proposed Skateboarding Ban in Main Street Plaza, Councilman Says There Are Alternatives To The Ban

Danville, VA-- Could skateboards be causing so much damage that they need to be banned? Danville Police are saying so.

Danville's new Main Street Plaza has been open to the community for a few months, but Police said it's already seen some property damage from skateboards and they want to prevent it from getting worse. So they're proposing a skateboard ban at the plaza.

Danville Police said there's been damage to the fountain and to some businesses in the River District. There are visible scratches on the railings at the plaza and on the brick pavers. Police said the damage isn't anything major yet, but they don't want it getting any worse.

On Thursday, Danville City Council will consider the Police Chief's proposal of banning skateboards at the plaza and even throughout the River District.

However, Councilman Lee Vogler said he plans to vote against the proposal. He said signs prohibiting skateboarders would seem uninviting, when the city has worked so hard to bring people into the River District. He said a simple solution would be placing small knobs on the railing to prevent skateboards from causing damage.

"We want people to feel welcome down here. We want to have young people rollerblading and skateboarding, all those things, especially in the beautiful summer time like this. I think we can achieve the goal of preventing the damage without the ordinance," Vogler said.

If council passes the ban, the penalty would be a civil fine of not more than $50.