Danville City Council selects Saunders as mayor, Miller as vice mayor

{}Danville, VA - City Council voted Tuesday for Councilman Sherman Saunders to continue to serve as mayor of Danville, and it chose Councilman Dr. Gary Miller to continue as vice mayor. Their terms as mayor and vice mayor will be for two years. Saunders has served as mayor for the past six years. Miller has served as vice mayor for the past two years. The selection of Saunders and Miller as mayor and vice mayor took place during an organizational meeting. The meeting is held every two years for the public swearing-in of winners of the City Council election held in May, selection of a mayor and vice mayor and issuance of seat assignments for each Council meeting. Miller, John Gilstrap and Alonzo Jones won re-election to City Council. James Buckner, who won election for his first term on Council, joined them today in taking the oath of office.Council members serve four-year, staggered terms. In addition to Saunders, the other members of Council are Larry Campbell, Buddy Rawley, Fred Shanks and Lee Vogler. Gilstrap nominated Saunders as mayor, saying Saunders has done "has served us well, and he is a dedicated councilman and citizen." A contest was created when Shanks nominated Rawley for mayor. Saunders won in a 5-4 vote, with Saunders voting for himself and receiving the support of Campbell, Gilstrap, Jones and Miller. Rawley voted for himself and received the support of Buckner, Shanks and Vogler. Following the vote, Saunders said, "Elections are all about choices. Once a decision is made, we move forward. I know that we will. It is my desire that we stay focused on the progress of our city." For vice mayor, Campbell nominated Miller, but a contest was created when Rawley nominated Vogler. Miller voted for himself as vice mayor and received the support of Campbell, Gilstrap, Jones and Saunders. Vogler voted for himself and received the support of Buckner, Rawley and Shanks.
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