Danville Churches Come Together to Start Thrift Store Ministry

Danville, VA - In just three weeks, Helping Hands Thrift Store has grown to have quite a following.

"The response from the community has been absolutely overwhelming, " said Charles Wickham, Pastor at Trinity United Methodist Church.
Wickham joined forces with pastors at Fairview, Mount Vernon and Grace Design to open the store.
The staff is all-volunteer, and everything has been donated - including the renovations to their new space in Sherwood Shopping Center.
"The gentleman that owns the building has been very generous in helping us find a location and had this spot available, " Wickham said.
One of the volunteers here is Deborah Hubbard. The churches pitched in to build a wheelchair ramp and railing at her home as she deals with ongoing pain from a car accident.
"Without no questions, without a nickle dime or a dollar. You just don't find that much anymore, " Hubbard said.
Wickham hopes the revenue from the store will fund even more projects like that throughout the community.
Most important, he hopes Helping Hands will be a way for them to touch the lives of their customers.
"Our goal is when somebody walks in this door, from the entire time that they are here until they walk out, we want them to meet Jesus. That's what ministry is all about, " he said.
Currently, they have 35 volunteers at the store, but Wickham says they are hoping to have about 50.
If you are available Tuesday through Saturday and would like to volunteer, call the store at 434-203-8004.