Danville Church Hands Out 250 Boxes of Thanksgiving Food

Danville, VA -- 1,000 people in Danville will have a Thanksgiving meal on their table this year thanks to a local church. River Oak Church of God gave out 250 boxes of food to those in need.

There was such a great need for these boxes of food, they had to turn people away because they simply didn't have enough. But the church members are glad they were able to help so many who can really use it.
A morning out of the rain and cold left many people thankful. Taking cover was just the beginning, there was plenty to be thankful for. Hundreds of people stood in line then sat in their chairs and waited at River Oak Church of God for boxes full of food to bring back to their families.
"I will feel very thankful and blessed," said Todd Boaze, a Danville resident.
Boaze got to the church a half hour early. He knows, without this box in his hand, his family would not have Thanksgiving food on the table this year.
"It means that we will be able to have a Thanksgiving meal together as a family," said Boaze.
Across the room, Phyllis Leftwich waits by herself.
"I'm just so thankful...I think it's real nice for them to bless people to come out and pick up boxes like this," said Leftwich.
Pastor James Jason Cook knew the need would be great but had no idea how many people would be braving the weather.
"They say 'your Christmas goose has come early', I think it has. We're just thankful with what God has blessed us with. We are blessing others," said Cook.
An organized harmony of church members handed out the boxes and finished up with a turkey and helping hand to their car.
Cook hopes everyone takes away one important thing.
"We all can be thankful, whether you are in line or you are working the line, we all have something we can be thankful for," said Cook.
This is the first time the church has done something like this for Thanksgiving. But they hope today will be the start of a new tradition for them.
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