Danville Church Giving Out 1,000 Thanksgiving Meals

Danville, VA - A local church in Danville is giving a free Thanksgiving dinner to 1,000 people in Danville.

For the first time, River Oak Baptist Church has decided to give away 250 fifty boxes of food, each will feed a family of four. They will hand them out on Tuesday morning. Church members have been bringing in different Thanksgiving foods each week for the give away.
Friday night volunteers will load up the boxes.
"This is how we chose to serve people for the Thanksgiving season. There is a great need, there are a lot of people that are hurting and less fortunate and this was a way the church could come together, link arms with the community, and make a difference in somebody's life," said Marcus Heffinger, Campus Pastor.
If you want to get a box of food, they will be handing out tickets from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Tuesday morning.
They hope to be able to continue this tradition next year.