Danville's Challenge: Spend Only $21 On Week's Food

Danville, VA - How much do you spend on a week's worth of food? God's Storehouse in Danville is challenging you to spend only $21 on five days worth of food. That's the average food stamp amount for Virginia per person.

Many people nowadays are cutting costs any way they can. The decision is not a choice, it's a necessity.

"Some people do really struggle to make ends meet and they have to make very difficult choices about their food," said Karen Harris, Executive Director of God's Storehouse.

God's Storehouse in Danville has started a challenge, asking their board, religious groups, the mayor, and even the public to cut down on food costs to raise awareness.

"We decided to see if we could somewhat take the challenge. We are going to try to stock up on 5 days worth of food for $21. We bought just the basics such as bread, ground beef, and cereal. We even tried to throw in the healthy options like caned veggies. Our total was just under $21," said Harris.

God's Storehouse board member, Beth Bouman, plans to budget for the cause.

"It's really hard for me to understand hunger if I am not faced daily with the challenges that people are facing," said Bouman.

She expects it to be tough but says it should all be worth it.

"I am sure it will open my eyes more," said Bouman.

It's the whole point of the challenge.

"Just making them aware of the people that are out there that are struggling," said Harris.

Harris plans to go to Danville city council and ask them to also take the challenge.

It starts next Monday and goes through Friday.