Danville Cancer Association Holds 17th Annual Celebration of Life

Danville,VA-- The Danville Cancer Association held their 17th annual Celebration of Life event on Thursday night.

It's in honor of National Survivors Day and local cancer patients and survivors. Local cancer survivors spoke about their journey of fighting against the disease.

The Danville Cancer Association president says the event is something their patients always look forward to.

"They've been through so much," said Vick Ingram, President of Danville Cancer Association. "For those that have not suffered with cancer, it's hard to imagine what they've gone through. But we do know they've gone through so much, and it's just something to brighten their day and let them know that we celebrate life with them."

The Danville Cancer Association helps cancer patients with medical expenses, counseling and traveling expenses. They serve about 200 cancer patients every year.