Danville Cancer Association Celebrates Cancer Survivors and Caregivers

Danville, VA- Cancer is a tough battle, and if you've been through it or know someone else who has, there's a lot to celebrate when you beat it.The Danville Cancer Association held their 18th annual Celebration of Life gathering on Thursday night.It was a time to celebrate and encourage cancer survivors, and also honor those who take care of patients. Local survivors and caregivers shared their journey and offered encouragement to those currently fighting the disease. "I think it's important as a way to help those that are going through this devastating cancer. It's a time just to be with others that have been through the same thing and learn from them... how did you get through this or that," said Kim Balridge, Executive Director of Danville Cancer Association.The Danville Cancer Association helps cancer patients with medical expenses, counseling and traveling expenses. They serve about 200 patients every year.