Danville Businesses Get Ready For Super Bowl Rush

Danville, VA - With millions gearing up for this weekend's Super Bowl, the impact to local businesses is higher than you might think.

A lot of southside businesses say they depend on Super Bowl sales to get them through the year. Others say the Super Bowl for them can be hit or miss.

"The Super Bowl is great," said Chris Dahm, general manager of Kickback Jack's.

For Kickback Jack's in Danville, the Super Bowl is more than a game, it's a game changer for their bottom line. Dahm says it's their biggest Sunday of the year.

"For what it is in a short amount of time, it is a huge amount of business," said Dahm.

While the business doesn't start cooking until Sunday, employees start getting ready early. At Kickback Jack's, they've upped their staff by 60% and they've been receiving pre-orders for take out since the start of this month.

"We do a lot of good inside business but the take out is where we get, that's why we try to get a lot of pre-orders so we know and we can go ahead and order enough so we don't run out," said Dahm.

Other local businesses, like Riverside Pawn, bank on folks staying in for the game.

"It definitely helps. We like it. We look forward to this time of year. We try to pull as much inventory as we can and have it out and ready to be sold," said Jimmy Cole, manager of Riverside Pawn.

Since Christmas, they've been selling more and more TVs.

"Everybody that wants a big one says it's because they are going to watch the big game on it.," said Cole.

They say this season is their busiest and they expect to sell even more TVs between now and Sunday.

"It's a big deal," said Cole.

"We are ready, we're staffed. We've been talking about it for almost 2 months now," said Dahm.

Kickback Jack's says they plan to sell 2,500 wings on Sunday alone. That's about 250 pounds of wings.