Danville Braves React to Alex Cobb Injury

Danville, VA - Safety concerns for baseball are not just in the major leagues. The Danville Braves also have be protective of its players.

After seeing what happened to Alex Cobb, the safety issue seems to be on everyone's mind.

The Danville Braves are playing their first game this Thursday and they really are focused on the safety of their team.

General Manager David Cross says that they have to balance between the safety of their players and their comfort on the field.

Cross says if the players worry too much about the dangers, that might affect how they throw.

The decision to wear protective gear against line drives is not up to Cross. He says he has to follow the rules made by the league and by the Braves franchise.

Cross says the Major League is looking into what safety precautions they can use to prevent line drive injuries. He also points out that all sports players can face serious injuries all the time but this one is just difficult to watch.

"They don't have the reaction time, so it is such a quick type of injury. Obviously they are only 60 feet away and the ball is coming off that bat really fast. So they don't have a lot of time to react. So, it is something you worry about," said Cross.

The first Danville Braves' game of the season is this Thursday at 7 p.m.