Danville Belk Upgrades, Previous Mall Tenants Talk About Move

Danville, VA - The Belk store at the Danville mall has announced a renovation plan that will cost them millions. It comes at the same time the Danville Mall is undergoing construction of its own.

Xinia West spends much of her time threading, sewing and reconstructing her business. Along with other stores, X-S Alterations got kicked out of the Danville Mall earlier this year. So she took her business downtown.

"It was hard after being there for 11 years and have to look for a place in a month, month in a half. That was hard to do," said West.

It was difficult at first but now, West says her revenue has gone up 10 %.

"It's nice. We can keep our long hours. We're getting a lot of new business," said West.

Some bigger stores, like Belk, were allowed to stay at the mall. And they're doing well, too.

"We love Danville. We're committed to the market," said Bill Roberts, the Northern Division Chairman for Belk.

Belk has started a $3 million renovation. It includes relocating their men's department to their main store, and updating fixtures, carpets, floors and more.

"The customer is going to see what is going to look like a brand new store," said Roberts.

Belk's corporate representatives insist that their decision to renovate came before the mall's changes. But even with the updates, West says she's now thankful for her forced move.

Belk plans to have a grand re-opening in October. The store will remain open during construction.