Danville Baseball Park Receives Highway Marker

Danville, VA - A historic site in Danville is being recognized as a state landmark.

Peter's Park was the location of a baseball stadium for traveling African-American baseball teams in the late 40's.

Folks who remember Peter's Park and what it meant to the African American community in Danville came out today to celebrate the legacy of James Peters Sr.

The man who fought against racial inequality to build one of the nation's most advanced baseball stadiums for its time.

A large patch of grass now marks the spot where history once stood.

James Peters Sr. opened Peters Park in 1948 - home to Danville's African-American Baseball team.

"It was extraordinary vision and courage and spirit to build what was a very modern facility at the time, " said Sarah Latham with the Danville Historical Society.

It was one of the first stadiums in the country to have lights for night games.

Now, the park is getting the honor it deserves.

City officials joined the community in honoring special guests close to Mr. Peters.

Eloyd Robinson was just 14 years old when he joined the Danville All-Stars, just a young kid in love with the game.

"That's all we had to do back in those days was play baseball. I played from the time that I could walk, " said Robinson.

Now that the marker is in place, Latham says more people in the community will get a chance to learn the rich history behind the park.

Peters's daughter-in-law says he would be honored by the state's dedication, but the family always sought to uplift the community rather than gain personal recognition.

"What they did, they always did out of humanitarian spirit. To whom much was given, much was expected to be returned to the community. We're very honored to have this done today, " said Margaret Peters.

The park closed in 1952 after the racial integration of baseball, but in just four years, Peter's Park left a lasting impact on the city of Danville