Danville Baseball and Softball Fields May Soon Have Ads

Danville, VA -- Danville's baseball and softball fields may soon look a little different. The city has opened bids for businesses to advertise on the fields.

Councilman Lee Vogler campaigned on the idea of bringing in revenue to the city with those advertisements. He says he has seen it done on many fields outside the city, and this could be a simple way of brining in money. The city had to tweak a current sign ordinance to allow for these advertisements.

City Manager Joe King says council doesn't know exactly how much money they could make yet. The ads could start as soon as the contract is signed.

"I think it will help promote local businesses that people may not know about otherwise. So it's a win win, it helps the businesses and it helps the city," said Vogler.

The city has also opened up bids for city buses and bus shelters.