Danville Asking For Community Help For First Ever Christmas Light Show

Danville, VA--{}The city of Danville is hoping to light up Ballou Park for part of the Christmas season .They are putting together Danville's first ever drive-thru Community Christmas Light Show at the park, {}but they said they can't do it without the help of the community.They are asking for at least ten families or groups to commit to creating a light display for the show. Displays can be purchased or hand-made.There are also monetary incentives that can benefit your favorite non-profit that registers in the event.{}"We are hoping that this will become a tradition. We're trying to keep people local because there are tons of light shows that people could go to, but we want to keep it here and keep it at home, so people can just go down Main Street... go to Ballou, instead of going out of town," said {}Lynette Anderson, Special Events Coordinator for the City of Danville.You have until June 15th to register. To get involved, call the Danville Welcome Center at (434) 793 4636
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