Danville Animal Medical Center Gives Pet Owners a Helping Hand

Danville, VA-- The Animal Medical Center in Danville spent their Sunday giving back to community.
They said they've noticed over the years that some people just can't afford to keep up with their pet's medical expenses, so the center gave those owners a helping hand.

They called it Free Vets for Needy Pets. They provided free physical exams for dogs and cats.
They also gave a huge discount on rabies shots.

A pet physical exam usually costs about $40. One Danville resident who has more than one pet, said she's really thankful for the help.

"There's no way I could afford to have brought in these five dogs to have them checked at regular office visits. They're not excessively high or anything like that but it adds up," said Lettie Kirby.

The Animal Medical Center also sold pet medications for half price.