Danville and Pittsylvania Co. Forming Emergency Services Partnership

Danville, VA - Danville and Pittsylvania County are forming a partnership that will make emergency services better for everyone in the area.

Pittsylvania County Supervisors voted Wednesday night to create a mutual aid agreement that would allow County fire and EMS, and Danville crews to assist each other in an emergency.

Danville City Council is expected to finalize the agreement in the next few weeks.

Danville Assistant Fire Chief Steve Dishman says the two localities have always helped each other when necessary. But he says having an agreement on paper will make it easier for the groups to work together.

"Everybody will be on the same page essentially as opposed to, this entity has to go through that entity or whatever. It condenses the process," said Steve Dishman, the assistant fire chief with the Danville Fire Dept.

The partnership is expected to into effect by early December.