$10 Million Danville Airport Renovations Nearing Completion

Danville, VA - It's been almost ten years in the making, but the renovations to the runway at the Danville Regional Airport are almost complete.

The FAA wanted to make changes to the runway and drainage systems to fit safety design standards.
Despite being behind schedule after breaking ground in March, officials say their work is finally almost done.
The $10 million runway rehabilitation project included changes to the drainage system that would prevent hydroplaning.
Also, a hump in the runway that obstructed the line of sight for pilots was eliminated.
Transportation Services Director Marc Adelman says the FAA wanted to make the runways and taxiways more narrow to better suit the low demand at this airport.
The only thing, he said, that will truly affect pilots is a paved runway that has been shortened by more than 500 feet.
Adelman says airport officials will send out a notice to all pilots who may be using the airport to notify them of the changes.
"We sent a mailing to every aircraft owner/operator that landed in Danville over a year period. We'll do the same thing as we get close to completion of the project," Adelman said.
Access to the airport has been limited throughout the renovations. Adelman hopes the full project will be complete no late than Spring of next year.