Danville After Hours Rotary Club Rejuvenating Neighborhood Park

Danville, VA-- For the past few days some people on the Southside have been rolling up their sleeves and going to work to bring a deteriorating neighborhood park back to life again.

The Danville After Hours Rotary Club adopted a picnic shelter in the Dan Heights neighborhood in Danville. Gregg Mason, the club member leading the project, said it was in very bad shape before they got started.

The shelter was built in the 1970's and hadn't had much maintenance since. Mason said a lot of residents used the picnic shelter, but it had major issues with its roof and vinyl siding. The Danville After Hours Rotary Club is working on replacing both of those. Also, they're going to stain the concrete pad, install two charcoal grills and place brand new picnic tables and commercial benches.

Mason said they've seen a great response from residents in the neighborhood. Many of them have showed appreciation and have also jumped in to help.

"It does your heart good when you have the opportunity to relate with people that you normally wouldn't and all have a common purpose. It is work, but there's a wonderful social element to it that just really makes it in enjoyable," said Mason.

The project has an $8,000 price tag. It's funded through the Danville Regional Foundation Make It Happen Grant. The club hopes to rededicate the new and improved picnic shelter back to the neighborhood in early August.