Danville 911 Call Center Gets Nearly $200,000 After a State Agency's Error

Danville, VA - Virginia's mistake means a whole lot of extra money for Danville's 911 center.

The Commonwealth's Information Technology Agency miscalculated the amount that should have already gone to the center, to the tune of $200,000. Now the state has paid up, city council has approved, and the center can start using that money.
The funding is based on the number of calls they get and the amount of money expended.
Inside Danville's 911 call center, operators stay hard at work. But without even realizing it, the center didn't get the assistance they needed throughout a three year period.
Nearly $200,000 in earned funds from the Virginia Information Technology Agency never made its way to this center. According to the Agency's Integrative Services Program Director Steve Marzolf, an audit revealed a calculation mistake showing they incorrectly distributed funding from 2009 to 2011.
"The recalculation was done and that resulted in Danville receiving additional funding," said Marzolf.
With this new calculation, some localities like Danville received a big check, while others had to pay some money back.
"Any money that was received back was redistributed," said Marzolf.
Danville Assistant Fire Chief Steve Dishman says their current equipment works for now. But the money coming in now helps out even more.
"This just lets us get a little bit ahead of the curve," said Dishman.
As they work on construction of the new call center opening next year, they will put the money toward that project -- something that will help them in the long run.
"It's going to be utilized to upgrade the equipment that we have there," said Dishman.
Lynchburg's call center is on the other side of this equation. They were over-paid by more than $23,000 and had to repay that money.