Danville To Collect Unpaid Real Estate Taxes

Danville, VA -- The city of Danville is working hard to get its money on unpaid taxes. That's because over 20 years the city has nearly three million dollars in unpaid real estate taxes.

And they could use that cash. So, they will be sending out delinquent notices to property owners who have not paid. The notice gives the property owner 30 days to make the payment or they will be turned over to a collection agency.

The city mailed more than 4,500 notices this week. City representatives say over the years they collect 99 percent of taxes.

"Obviously we need that funding to finance city activities and we would rather get it sooner rather than later," said Barbara Dameron, Finance Director for Danville.

In the past, the city has only sent out a few delinquent notices at a time. And they hope they will get most of that money.