Danville Prepares For Biden's Visit

Danville, VA - A lot of attention is focused on Virginia right now in the race for the White House. Now Vice President Joe Biden is set to speak in Danville at the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research Tuesday morning. And today the prep work went into high gear.

Crews will be hard at work Monday and Tuesday. And a lot of people are excited about his visit. The Obama headquarters has sold out of tickets and is now placing people on a waiting list.

Paul Ryan may be making headlines across the country but in Danville, all the focus surrounds Joe Biden.

"I am ecstatic. I wasn't able to sleep once I found he was coming," said Johnnie M. Fullerwinder, Campaign Volunteer.

"He carries the second highest office in our country and he is coming to our town. That's an honor and a privilege," said Mary Foley, Democrat.

Set up started early at the Institute. Crews spent the day unloading, unpacking, and preparing since 10:00 a.m. Monday.

"Anytime you have the Vice President visiting anywhere, you have to be safe and secure and make sure everything is done right. So when he arrives everything is ready to go," said Chris Horne, Director of Communications at The Institute.

Transformations have begun to turn the lobby into an auditorium at the Institute.

"If you've been to the Institute before, you come to the reception desk, well that will be the stage where the Vice President will be. There will be a large flag hanging and, of course, there will be all kinds of risers," said Horne.

Across town, the Obama headquarters have not slowed down.

"Once we announced the fact that there are tickets being distributed here and people started coming. I was just so excited to see that much enthusiasm among the members here of the city," said Fullerwinder.

They quickly handed out one thousand tickets to people all over the region.

"Hopefully it's going to cause us to get some votes that we would not have gotten because of his presence," said Fullerwinder.

If you do have tickets, they say to get to the Institute by 8:00 a.m. Tuesday. Everyone is hoping Biden will talk about jobs and the economy.