Danner Evans Tests Out Pink or Blue Gender Prediction

Lynchburg, VA - The ABC 13 family is about to add a new member to our team.{} Danner Evans and her husband are expecting their second child in March.

Like so many couples, they have been biting their nails waiting to find out if it's a boy or girl. They just had the ultrasound they've that gives them the answer.

But months before, Evans found Pink or Blue, a blood test that claims with 95% accuracy that it can tell you just seven weeks after conception what you're having.

Where there's an expecting couple waiting to find out if they're having a boy or girl, there's an old wives tale that will give them the answer their hoping for.

From the Chinese gender calendar online, to tying a string around her wedding ring, Danner Evans has tried them all.

So has Sara Hilton.

"We're ready to know," Hilton said. "We thought about it being a surprise but the anticipation, the curiosity is just killing us."

Both families aren't supposed to find out for weeks what they are having.{} But Consumer Genetics has an at home blood test that claims to cut out the waiting game.

Pink or Blue claims that by seven weeks post conception they can tell from a mother's blood if she's having a boy or girl.

Doctors usually can't tell you until around your 20 week ultrasound.

Evans and Hilton both took the test to see if it works.

"It will be fun and kind of be fun to put a seed in our head," Hilton said.

A tiny prick and a few drops of blood later, you send it off to the Pink or Blue test to their lab.{} About 5 days after they get it, you get an email with the results.

Dr. William Cook delivers a lot of babies in Lynchburg.{} He sees his share of anxious parents.

"Sometimes I have patients in tears thinking they are going to get an ultrasound when they are 18 weeks and it hasn't been set up and they are in tears b/c they wanted to know so badly what the baby was," Cook said.{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}

Cook looked into the science and studies behind Pink or Blue for our story.

"In the maternal blood, the mother's blood, there are five identified sequences this test is looking for of free DNA of the baby that it's a male, segments of the Y chromosome that are being identified by this test,"{} Cook said.

According to several studies Cook looked at, Pink or Blue can indeed detect traces of a baby's male DNA in the mother's blood.

"The article I read was a collection of over 50 studies that were combined and they analyzed all that data and they came up with these detection rates and that is pretty good hard fast data,"{} Cook explained.

The test has been used in Europe for years to detect genetic defects or neurological disorders.{} Cook said finding issues seven weeks after conception versus 11-16 weeks using current U.S. methods would be a huge improvement for both mother and doctor.

"I think it is a promising test and certainly has a future not just in telling us boy or girl but some clinical issues that may help us with," Cook said.

Let's talk about that 95% accuracy rate. Pink or Blue explicitly instructs users to take the test with no males in the room.{}

Cook said even just having a man breathing in the room can put his DNA in the air and contaminate the sample.{} That may account for their accuracy rate.

That's the science, now let's talk results.

"We're going to wait until the ultrasound to get excited about what we are having," Hilton said.

But Pink or Blue told Hilton to expect a boy. We'll have to wait and see if it's right.

Seven days after taking her own test, way back on September 5 when she was 11.5 weeks along, Evans got an email from Pink or Blue telling her she was going to have a boy.

So what did her ultrasound reveal?

You'll have to wait until Friday on 13 News at 5 to find out. So what do you think?{} Is Danner Evans having a boy or girl? Vote in our poll on the right.

We'll bring you those results, plus the ultrasound results Friday, November 9{} on 13 News at 5.