Dangerous New Online Drinking Game Spreading Through Social Media

Danville, VA - A dangerous new drinking game is becoming a worldwide trend among young adults.

The internet fad, called Neknominate, requires people to record themselves drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and upload the video online.

As more people accept the challenge and dare their friends to do the same, the game grows in popularity.

But as Whitney Delbridge reports, the extreme drinking has had deadly consequences.

Many videos start with a chant as young adults drink large amounts of alcohol, many raising the stakes through outrageous stunts like drinking out of a shoe or the barrel of a gun.

At the end, participants dare their friends to be next.

The craze known as Neknominate started overseas, but has spread quickly through social media.

According to published reports, five people have already died from playing the game.

Danville Community College Counselor Jim Lindley says he has been around college students long enough to understand the binge drinking culture.

"The leading cause of death in 18 to 25 year olds is alcohol related incidents," Lindley said. "A lot of college students see it as a rite of passage."

But Lindley says games like this take drinking and peer pressure to a new and dangerous level.

"They don't think of the consequences. All they think about is not letting their friends down," Lindley said.

Lindley holds programs and activities on campus to educate students about the consequences of excessive drinking. He hasn't seen many examples of Neknominate in our area yet, but he hopes local students will just say 'No'.