Dancing Outside for Seven Hours Straight on the Coldest Day of the Year

Lynchburg, VA - Imagine staying out in the freezing cold all day. That's exactly what a couple of guys in Lynchburg did Tuesday.

It's all a part of their job; a unique one.

A walking, talking, dancing advertisements for Liberty tax service here in Lynchburg, they stay out in freezing cold temperatures for hours, every day.

Josh Burrows stands out in the frigid air for five days a week.

"Yea, sometimes six," he said.

For seven hours at a time.

Burrows loves what he does. So much, in fact, that on the coldest day of the year, he didn't hesitate for a second.

"Right now, I'm wearing a sweatshirt, a long sleeve T, and like two layers of pants" he said about what he had on.

When asked why he didn't try and find a job sitting inside somewhere, he replied, "This is more fun; definitely a lot more fun."

He blasts his ipod, "Rock, rap, some metal in there" he said.

And busts a move for seven hours straight.

He burns hundreds of calories; sweats in the coldest of conditions; and only periodically goes in for a bathroom break.

"They bring us a lot of business too. I mean our waver does wonders for us, we appreciate every one of them that would get out there and do that like they do any way" said Liberty Tax Services Assistant Manager, Phyllis Easter.

And, it can't hurt that he's become something of a local celebrity.

"He's got some good moves" said one man driving by.

When asked if he hesitated to come into work when he say Tuesday's forecast, Burrows replied, "No, I just knew I had to be at work."

Burrows said even on the coldest days of the year, he will come in sweating because he's out dancing for so long.

And just so you know, he's out there dancing, in the sweltering summer heat as well.