Dan River Baseball - ABC 13 Team of the Week

Ringgold - Today's high school Team of the Week is Dan River Baseball. The Wildcats are having a great season on the diamond, currently 11-and-1 following Monday's 2-1 win over big county rival Tunstall, completing a season-sweep of the Trojans. Sammy McCormick, DAN RIVER HEAD COACH, said "Everybody on the team seems to be carrying the load, whether they're a bench player or they're a role player or whether they're a starter, everybody's carrying us. And it's good, we get along. But the team chemistry has been really well." Wesley Thornton, WILDCATS SENIOR PITCHER/SHORTSTOP, said "We hang out together, we just really connect well. We're all out here to win and after the same thing."Dallas Smithers, WILDCATS SENIOR PITCHER/CATCHER, said "We just know each other really well. And I know my teammates have my back and everybody knows I have their backs."Bradley Tickle, WILDCATS SENIOR FIRST BASEMAN, said "I think that our pitching has come through big. And the thing that I like about most this year is our young guys are stepping up."