Daily Bread in Lynchburg Undergoing Renovations

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg Daily Bread provides meals to about a hundred people in need every day. Soon, they won't be so crowded.

The Rotary Club of Lynchburg is donating $26,000 for renovations that begin next month.

Plans include moving a bathroom to create more space in the dining room. When it's all done, seating capacity should increase by 50 %.

"Our current seating only allows for 36 people at a time. So we want to get people out of the heat or in winter, out of the cold. And by moving this bathroom out we'll have a lot more dining space to ensure folks can get a good hot meal quickly," said Tracey Dixon from the Lynchburg Daily Bread.

More than 53,000 meals were served at the Daily Bread last year -- most of them, dished out by volunteers.