Dads Working on Father's Day for Storm Cleanup

Forest, VA - The outage situation may be getting under control, but that doesn't mean all the work is over. In fact, some clean-up crews were out on Father's Day, a day they usually take to spend with their families.

Daniel Mason is a father of three who owns Mason's Tree Service based out of Forest. Instead of breakfast in bed and presents, he woke up very early to work outside.

Mason says he has never worked on Father's Day before, but Thursday's storm left a lot of work for him and his company.

He told me before the storm, they had 45 jobs scheduled, and now they have more than 100. So he called in a small crew Sunday to clean up debris from yards and branches that fell on cars.

He says it's not ideal, but those people need the help as soon as possible, so he knows he can't just take a day off.

But he did admit he was sad to cancel his Father's Day weekend plans with his family.

"They actually went to Virginia Beach without me because I couldn't go...there's just no way to take care of this from there, so I had to stay here and coordinate all my crews. But it's been lonesome," he said.

Mason says his family is getting back Sunday evening, so they'll still be able to celebrate together.