D-Day Veteran Bill Sisk Shares Stories from Normandy Trip

Normandy, France - Lynchburg D-Day veteran Bill Sisk returned to Normandy for the 70th Anniversary commemoration. He shares his experiences with ABC 13.Sisk was seated onstage for the American/French ceremony June 6 at Normandy American Cemetery. He was on the fifth row behind President Barack Obama and French President Francois Hollande as they delivered their addresses."The vets were escorted in by the 82nd Airborne of the Army. I was escorted in by a Colonel. It was pretty good," said Bill Sisk.After the ceremony Sisk walked through the cemetery on his own."I did pick out about 15 or 20 90th Division graves, people I knew who had passed. So I just wandered through the cemetery just looking for things," said Sisk. "To me it's a very reverent thing. It's something I want to do by myself. It's a personal thing. You get a little weak spot sometime, and I don't want to show it."That was a brief moment of solitude, for a reluctant celebrity."Some of the crowds over here heard me talking and the next thing you know we've got 30 or 40 cameras and everybody wants to know what's going on," said Sisk. "I've autographed about 100 5 euro bills yesterday. I'd get ready to sign one and I'd turn and I've got another. I had 15 of them at one time going. They all want to sign the money.""Just being here's special. 70 years," said Sisk. "All of it is my favorite part. Just being here is my favorite."