D-Day Memorial Getting Free Cleaning for Anniversary

Bedford, VA - The National D-Day Memorial is being pressure cleaned to get ready for the 70th Anniversary of the Normandy invasion next June.

Archie Hodges, the owner of Hodges Pressure Cleaning in Roanoke, is doing the work at no cost to the memorial. Hodges became interested in the memorial after doing work at the home of one of the memorial's volunteers.

Hodges expects it will take him 30 to 40 days to complete the job. The work started Monday and will be done over the winter, because it's the slow season for both the memorial and Hodges' business.

Visitors to the memorial on Tuesday didn't seem to mind hearing pressure washers during their tours.

"It was just overwhelming. People come by and shake your hand and say thank you. Pretty neat," said Hodges.

Hodges wants to clean the Overlord Arch and other high places, but needs a bucket truck and scissor lift to reach those areas.

If you've got one or the other and are willing to help, call D-Day Site Facilities Manager Martin Leamy at (540)587-3620 or send an email to