D-Day Memorial Concert Serves as Blast to the Past

Reporter: Parker Slaybaugh

Bedford, VA - A blast to the past Saturday night at the D-Day Memorial in Bedford, as the band Letter's From Home sang hits from the 1940's.

More than 300 people came out Saturday to hear music from the 40's. Families spread all over the memorial to hear music that took them back more than seven decades.

The D-Day Memorial staff says the purpose of Saturday's concert is the same as the purpose of the entire D-Day Memorial, to tell a story to remember the men and women who served on D-Day. They say it's important to remember the part those men and women played in our American History.

The group, Letters From Home, has been touring the country for about two years now. They say the biggest joy for them is meeting people that fought for our freedom.

"Some World War II Veterans that are here tonight have stories that will give you goosebumps. It was such a great time, the 1940's was, even though it was a time of war, it was a time where everyone just came together and these men really are the greatest generation," said Erinn Diaz, who is a member of Letters From Home.

Seven people in attendance tonight were World War II Veterans. Some said it means a lot to hear live music representing a period in their lives that changed them forever.

"It brings back memories over a period of time, because a lot of the stuff I had put very far back in my mind and just didn't think about it," said Charles Shaeff, who is a D-Day Veteran.

The Operations Manager with the D-Day Memorial says he hopes to bring more concerts that are reflective of the 1940's, but at this time there are no other events like that planned.