CVCC Students Surprised by Road Closure on First Day of Class

Lynchburg, VA- An unpleasant surprise made for a lot of late students Wednesday morning at Central Virginia Community College. Construction on Wards Road and Harvard Street caused traffic issues for the first day of class. Students were unprepared for the roadblock they met, and were given quite a runaround to figure out how to get on campus. There's nothing like a good old traffic detour to get your day started the right way.

"There weren't any signs at Liberty about anything up ahead so I just kept driving until I doomed myself into that spot," said Joseph Jackson, a CVCC student.

Students making their way to the first day of class were met with a construction project to widen Harvard Street and put in sidewalks. Harvard Street is closed in one direction, you can't turn onto it from Wards Road. In the back to school rush it left a lot of students confused as to why the right-hand turn lane was closed."

"I thought I could just pull in right at Harvard Street where it comes out right there. No," said Cody Gage, another CVCC student.

"Went through the new tunnel they built and remembered I couldn't go up through Harvard Street. So I sat at that light for about five minutes, as Wards traffic just flew by," said Jackson.

"Had to go all the way down to Atlanta and come up and get on Wards Ferry and come in through the back way, and traffic was all backed up through that," said Gage.

"Had to go all the way down Wards, had to go back up Wards Ferry and I came down here to campus," said Jackson.

Now that students have learned a lesson in detours 101, they've got their thinking caps on to figure out how to avoid the next construction conundrum.

"Stinks that it has to be that way, but I guess if I manage my time a little better I could have made it not late," said Jackson.

"Yeah, I guess I'll just leave a little bit earlier," said Gage.

The project is slated to be finished in mid-November, so students will have a couple more months of detours to deal with. They'll have to access campus from Wards Ferry Road, but when they leave they will be able to use Harvard Street to connect to Wards Road.