Cuts May Force Blue Angels Out of Lynchburg Regional Air Show

Lynchburg, VA - One group potentially facing cuts from sequestration, the Blue Angels, one of the performers at the Lynchburg Regional Air Show.

There are some strong indications the Blue Angels may be grounded for the foreseeable future.

Nothing has been formally announced yet, but one naval officer told ABC 13 that with so many cuts being made to the Navy and other sectors of defense, this year, the Blue Angels may have to have their wings clipped.

They're always an air show fan favorite. But with sequestration cuts taking center stage, the show may be over for the Blue Angels.

According to the group's spokesperson, a Naval Department Memo sent to the Blue Angels in February outlined a game plan if sequestration took effect.

The memo stated all shows from April 1st through September 30th would be canceled. No confirmation just yet, but Navy officers say that's looking more and more like a reality.

"It'd be a big disappointment to us, but at the moment, we're still planning to have a show" said the Lynchburg Regional Air Show's President, Jones Stanley.

With so many questions remaining unanswered about sequestration cuts, Stanley says he can only wait so long.

Advertising, reservations, and contracts for the Blue Angels would all take time and money.

"There would be a point in time, if we don't hear; we would have to go without them. I mean, we would just have to say we can't do that" he said.

The Lynchburg air show is May 25th. Stanley says it will have some great acts regardless of what is decided with the Blue Angels.

As for the Angels, they're continuing business as usual, and practicing their act in California until they're told to land.