Cumberland Man Bought $99 Million Lottery Ticket

Farmville, VA - We now know the person who picked up the $99 million lottery ticket from a Farmville Food Lion.

Lewis Howard, a retired HVAC technician from Cumberland, picked up his check Thursday.

Howard's mother had a saying that when your hands start to itch, you're about to get some money. The night before the Mega Millions drawing, his hand started itching, and that saying came true.

Lottery officials handed over the $99 million check to Howard in Richmond Thursday.

"There's a saying among me and my friends that my ship came in. It came in. Full sail it came in," Howard said after accepting the check.

He opted for the lump cash sum which comes out to just over $73 million.

Howard bought his ticket at the Food Lion in Farmville, picking his numbers at random, before the May 17 drawing.

For six months, his identity remained a mystery.

When we stopped by Howard's home on Cumberland Road, where were greeted by a security guard who was hired to protect their property.

Even neighbors had no idea they were living next to a multimillionaire.

Howard is married with two grown children and three grandchildren. He says he's looking forward to taking his family on a cruise.