Cuccinelli Visits Roanoke, Responds to Latest Polls

Roanoke, VA - A new poll out of Roanoke College shows Terry McAuliffe with a six point lead over Ken Cuccinelli, with another 16% undecided.

While Ken Cuccinelli was in Roanoke Tuesday afternoon listening to local educators, campaign-wise, he was doing everything he could to keep his message on track. It's something that's easier said than done.

A new poll out by Roanoke College shows no matter how hard Cuccinelli tries, fewer and fewer people seem to be listening.

"We had Cuccinelli at about 45% in terms of people having an unfavorable opinion of him," said Dr. Harry Wilson with the Institute for Policy and Opinion Research. That is extremely high. Extremely high [sic]. It's difficult to change that and it's difficult to win an election when that high of a percentage has a negative opinion of you."

"Would I love everybody to love me to death? You bet I would. I don't actually expect to achieve that. Nonetheless, what I am trying to focus on is demonstrating to people the positive vision I have for where I would go in the next four years," Cuccinelli said.

Many say the perception of Terry McAuliffe is not much better. The poll puts McAuliffe's numbers at an unfavorable 35%. In most races, numbers that low are the proverbial nail in the coffin.

The combination of both candidates' unfavorable rating has left many with a similar opinion.

"There's a lot of negative going around. Negative this, negative that," Rick Blevins said.

"What is more effective to get people to turn-out. Is it supporting your candidate or is it voting against someone who you really don't want in office. Generalizing, that seems to be what's shaping up in this race and that's really the $64,000 question," said Dr. Harry Wilson.

The third party candidate, Libertarian Robert Sarvis, generated 9% of the poll, with other polls actually putting him in double digits.