Cuccinelli Visits Danville as Election Day Nears

Danville, VA - Election day is just two weeks away and candidates are busy ramping up support.

Republican candidate for governor of Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli, made a stop at Mary's Diner in Danville Tuesday afternoon.

Cuccinelli spoke to the crowd there about jobs. He says if he becomes governor, he plans to grow the manufacturing industries in Southern Virginia.

Cuccinelli says he's already gotten legislation through that will bring down electricity rates.

Cuccinelli says his opponent, Terry McAuliffe, wants to increase them.

"Those electricity rates are so critical to the opportunity to grow jobs here and I am very much focused on the impact on the poor and the middle class and economic opportunity, job creation that electricity rates has," Cuccinelli said.

ABC 13 left messages but do not have a direct response from the McAuliffe campaign.

According to Cuccinelli's website, he wants to create the most favorable business climate in the nation, here in Virginia. Cuccinelli also says he wants to encourage clean, renewable energy and to get clean tech businesses to start, expand, relocate and flourish in Virginia.