Cuccinelli Stops in Botetourt Co., Answers Questions About Star Scientific

Botetourt Co., VA - Attorney General, and presumptive Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli, made an appearance at Titan Cement in Botetourt County Monday.

As Cuccinelli moves forward in the race, questions continue to follow him over a perceived conflict of interest over his relationship with Star Scientific.

Star Scientific is a diet supplement company that is being investigated for a number of reasons, but the one grabbing the headlines is that company's CEO's $15,000 gift to Governor McDonnell's daughter that was used to pay for a caterer at her wedding.

The perceived conflict of interest lies with the fact that Star Scientific has an active lawsuit against the Commonwealth contesting a hefty tax bill.

Defending the Commonwealth, the Attorney General, who at the same time possessed thousands of dollars in unreported stock in the company.

The stock position has since been sold, but with the company now under federal investigation, questions are being raised about the Attorney General's relationship with them.

ABC 13 asked the Attorney General if he thought the connection between himself and Star Scientific would hinder him as he runs for office.

Cuccinelli says it was an unintentional reporting error and he has made the changes to come into compliance.

"These are honest mistakes on my part. You know, I'm not running as perfect and I'm proving it. But it doesn't address things like economic growth and opportunity which I know is where voters are most concerned so I don't know if it will be a big deal by the time November rolls around," Cuccinelli said.

"The one time that anything from any of these folks came across the radar at the A-G's office, they were immediately and only opposed. They were fought. Not exactly the application of influence. It's quite the opposite," Cuccinelli explained.

If nominated, Cuccinelli would likely face off against the presumptive Democratic candidate, Terry McAuliffe, who himself is scheduled to be in Roanoke in Danville Tuesday.