Citizens Use Snow Storm to Make Extra Cash

Danville, VA - As of Thursday evening Danville Public Works said primary roads are pretty much good to go, officials say.

Many people have been waiting on their residential roads to be safe. Public Works said that will happen soon.
Crews worked on plowing through residential roads, and they'll continue to do that overnight and on Friday.
A lot of people in Danville on Thursday already had their driveways and walkways clear, thanks to some people out there just offering their services.
Most of the helpers were students that said they're making the most of their snow day by trying to earn some extra money.
The students were going out knocking on doors to see who needed some help shoveling snow off in front of their house.
One group were at it for almost four hours. The workers said they bundle up and do this every time it snows. They even have set prices. They charge around $15 for walkways and around $25 for driveways.
"I hope to make at least $200, maybe $150," said Travis Irvin.
Danville Transit System will be back running Friday, but they won't be on their fixed route until 10 a.m.