UPDATE: CSX Trains Running Again in Lynchburg; Depot Grille Remains Closed

Lynchburg, VA - Amazement Square says they will facilitate schools Tuesday. They do not want to cancel any field trips since they have schools scheduled from as far as Salem and Franklin. The museum hopes to be open to the public by Wednesday. The Depot Grille has plans to open Tuesday morning at 11 a.m. Both businesses are updating their websites and Face Book pages with schedule changes. ------------------ Lynchburg, VA - As of Monday morning, Lynchburg's Depot Grille remains closed following last Wednesday's train derailment.The restaurant wanted to open for business at 11:00 Monday morning, but fire officials say crews are still transferring oil into trucks so as a safety precaution, they still want the business to remain closed.Rail operations resumed at the tracks on Saturday night.We are following up on the progress downtown and will bring updates as they become available.------------------Lynchburg, VA - As the investigation continues into what caused the train derailment in downtown Lynchburg on Wednesday, CSX says trains are now running in Lynchburg. According to CSX, rail operations resumed just after 9 p.m. Friday, which allowed for many cars involved in Wednesday's derailment to be moved. CSX plans to remove more crude oil from the remaining cars over the next one to two days before moving the remaining cars. In the meantime, it was believed that area businesses such as the Depot Grille would be back open Sunday. Dave Poole, owner of the Depot Grille says they were preparing to open their doors Sunday morning when the decision was made. Around 10:30 a.m., the fire chief along with members of the police department, CSX, and NTSB agreed to continue to keep the area by the railroad tracks closed to the public citing public safety as the reason. There are still many vehicles and workers coming and going from the site, and the NTSB wants to continue in an uninterrupted investigation. CSX says they are still working on site reconditioning efforts, like removing debris, rebuilding the road bed, and completing preliminary work to re-lay track. Keith Holloway of the NTSB says the clean-up will still take a while, but crews are working hard to get that area back up and running. Poole says safety is his top priority, although he eagerly waiting to open back up to the public. "We had food ready to go and the staff was there, so it was a tough decision to make, but it's the right decision. And at the end of the day, I have no problem with making sure everybody is safe," Poole said. The Depot says they are planning to open Monday morning at 11 a.m.
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