CSO in Lynchburg Work Could Take a New Turn

Lynchburg, VA - CSO work in Lynchburg could take a new turn, and it's good news because there could possibly be a lot less construction in our neighborhoods.

It could also drop the CSO price tag, which is already costing Lynchburg hundreds of millions of dollars. So, this idea is making city leaders very happy.

The idea is to stop tearing up the roads and doing CSO work. Instead, just send the storm water overflow to the treatment plant. For years, the city's been pulling up the roads piece by piece to change the pipes.

CSO separates storm water from the wastewater. Before CSO, storm water and wastewater would go into one pipe. And during a big rainstorm, that pipe would overflow, which is not a good thing.

CSO work was scheduled to start downtown next. But officials say taking the treatment plant route could change that and mean less road work.

"It makes a huge difference, a huge difference, especially in neighborhood disruption. We might go from a potential of 25 neighborhood projects to maybe down to as little as three neighborhood projects," said James Talian, CSO manager of the Water Quality Department.

There's a big financial benefit with the treatment plant route: The city estimates it could knock $100 million or more off the CSO price tag. The idea isn't final just yet. The next step is finalizing the plan, hopefully, by Christmas.

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