"Crossing of the Dan" Boat Stolen in South Boston

South Boston, VA - Organizers in South Boston say reenactors had to improvise at last weekend's Crossing of the Dan ceremony after someone stole one of their boats.

Friday night, a Jon boat was taken from the area set up for Saturday's historic reenactment.
Now, they want it back.
The boat belonged to the out of state group that acted out the scenes. Town Manager Ted Daniel says they still put on a great show without out it.
"They're good people, they're troopers. They took it in stride and they went on. Now we're trying to give them a big thank you by getting them their boat back, " Daniel said.
Organizers say if the boat is returned to the Prizery parking lot safe and sound, there will be no questions asked.
If it's not returned, they're calling police.