Danville Crossing Guard Finds Solution to Speeding Problem

Danville, VA - Speeding became such a big issue for one Danville school, that a crossing guard decided to take matters into her own hands.

Linda Jarrett is determined to make sure kids get home safely. The street she works on normally has a speed limit of 25 miles per hour, but she says people go way over that.

So Jarrett found a way to slow them down.

Jarrett is no stranger to the sound of speeding cars, as a crossing guard at Schoolfield Elementary she stands just feet away from cars racing by, even during school zone hours.

"Very dangerous because if they are not looking towards me and see me, I could be run over or a child could be run over," said Jarrett.

The elementary school sits off of this West Main stretch and only a couple of signs and some markings on the road serve as a warning.

"People don't they are not looking at those signs. They are looking to go straight," said Jarrett.

Jarrett came up with a solution.

"I thought like if we could get the lights from W. Townes Lea because they weren't being used and put them here, they would at least see the lights blinking and they would be cautious when they got to me," said Jarrett.

She used to work at W. Townes Lea, and when it closed and she moved schools, she figured the flashing lights could come with her.

"The lights would get attention," said Jarrett.

City officials say it helped them out too.

"As opposed to bringing in new lights when we have perfectly good ones that aren't being used at W. Townes Lea, it just seemed to make sense," said Lee Vogler, a city councilman.

That saved them around $3,000 and helped Jarrett feel safer at her job.

Crews put up the flashing lights Wednesday, and everything should be up and running by Monday.