Crews Work to Get Electricity On in Rockbridge Co.

Rockbridge Co., VA - Crews are out in force Thursday across the Shenandoah Valley working to restore power to thousands.

Paul McKemy and his BARC Electric crew knew they were in for a long few days.

"A lot of our line is away from the road so it's a little difficult at times," said McKemy.

The biggest problem they're facing is melting snow and getting to where the problems are.

"Right now it's trying to get around and off the road a little bit with the snow and the mud and everything thawing out. Having a hard time getting the trucks off the road," said McKemy.

The problem is definitely not manpower.

Part of the crew is from Tennessee working hard to get power back to Virginians.

"We work with co-ops that join us all across the country. In our state when we have trouble they come help us and when they have trouble we come help them," said Mike Partin with Sequachee Valley Electric Cooperative .

All local power companies have such mutual aid agreements, which is how all these guys made it here so quickly. That and the fact these Tennesseans also know where they're going. Their experience comes into play when the lines go down.

"We've been up to Shenandoah. We've been up to Community, Prince George. We've been all over Virginia just like they've been all over Tennessee when we have storms. Great way to do business," said Partin.

It's still unclear at this hour how long it's going to take for everybody to get back online. The crew from Tennessee says they're going to be around town at least until Saturday.