Crews Work on LU Tunnel

Crews Working on Tunnel Monday

Reporter: Mark Kelly | Videographer: Brian Whitesell

Lynchburg, VA - The Liberty University pedestrian bridge will soon be open for business, but the Wards Road tunnel still has some work ahead.

Tuesday, crews will punch through the other side of the current structure, so you can see straight through from Wards Road to LU's campus.

Crews are digging directly under the railroad that runs along Wards, which means they have to take extra precautions.

Contractors say the digging's moving at a good pace: about 23 feet a day.

But with all that digging, there's bound to be snags along the way.

"You have to understand in tunneling when we are working in the blind, we never know what we are going to come up on - maybe a rock, a boulder, but that's our goal being open, having a hole out tomorrow afternoon," said Dale Sherburne, the jobs superintendent at Branch & Associates.

Crews say the hope the tunnel will be ready for students by the New Year.