Crews Work Around the Clock to Clear Snow in Roanoke

Roanoke, VA- Dozens of people living in Roanoke City have called or emailed complaints about the fact that tons of snow is still causing issues around the city.

Roanoke Transportation Division Manager Mark Jamison has been one busy guy for the past six days.

He and a coalition crew of city workers assembled to do one thing: remove snow.

"We started Wednesday and worked around the clock until Sunday afternoon," Jamison said.

Jamison takes issue with the premise that the city isn't doing all it can to get the mess cleaned up, as he pulls manpower from other departments to get the job done.

"People are very, very tired. They have worked long 12 hour days and it is important to get rest from a safety standpoint and then we will come back in and hit it hard. Had some folks in last night and we will continue to do that for the rest of the week," Jamison stated.

The last time it happened was in 2009.

Like the past, the problem is there is nowhere to put the large amounts of snow, especially in downtown, when the weather is too cold for melting.

"Unfortunately we end up having to push the snow into the parking lanes which do create some issues. We'll be working nights now to literally haul that snow out of downtown," Jamison explains.

Jamison is content with the overall response because most removal goals were met, but he acknowledges citizens will make their concerns known in the near future.

"You try to weigh how much do you have on hand. How much more additional resources do you apply to a storm you don't get all that often and that is something we will certainly have conversations about," Jamison said.

More than 120 truckloads of snow have been removed from downtown already.

There are still some issues in downtown with parking and turn lanes, but Jamison said, the sun is helping.